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We supply fabric

We help search for and select fabric and help design the furniture project.

Foam Selection

We can help in selection of foam to help cater to the comfort level you require.

Redesign / Modifications

We can also do redesign or modifications to arm design or furniture frame structure, legs, skirts, attached or detached cushions.

Custom Frames

We take it a step further and can even build custom frames to your liking.

The Process

How it Works

The process starts with imagination and creativity.  We will help you design your custom piece, based on function, appearance, and comfort.  After designing, we will process a free quote for creating your custom piece.

Repurposed & Reimagined

Zero to Hero

Your piece should be a statement about you.  A piece of art for your home.  For these reasons we stress attention to quality and detail. Let us take your piece from a Zero to a Hero!

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